Comprehensive Eye Exams

Welcome to Silverdale Eye Physicians. Our focus is on service. Drs. Jason Cheung and Kari Jones utilize their expertise and attention to detail to provide you with the most comprehensive eye examination possible. In addition to being assessed for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and other refractive errors, you’ll receive a thorough check for sight-threatening problems like glaucoma and cataracts as well as causes of chronic discomfort like dry eye. Every step of the process is clearly explained to ensure that you have a complete understanding of your eye health. This kind of regular preventive care is critical for preserving clear, healthy vision throughout your life.

Specialized Eye Care for Children

Whether your child is having trouble seeing well or is suffering from wandering eye, crossed eye, or lazy eye Drs. Cheung and Jones have a solution. They combine their years of specialized training with a friendly, caring nature that puts kids and parents at ease.

Dr. Cheung uses his surgical expertise to correct wandering eye, crossed eye and lazy eye in children – improving their vision and giving them a more confident outlook.

Many parents have also come to Dr. Cheung with infants and toddlers who are having developmental delays and school-aged children who are suspected of having learning disabilities. Often, the real source of these issues is a vision problem.

Dr. Cheung thoughtfully assesses each child in a way that is non-threatening – even fun. After the exam, kids can watch a DVD or play with toys while he discusses treatment options with the parents and addresses their questions and concerns. It’s all part of their commitment to helping children of all ages experience life to the fullest with clear, healthy vision.

Our office is excited to announce Dr. Cheung is investigators for the NIH-funded Pediatric Eye Disease Investigators Group (PEDIG: PEDIG is a network of over 60 offices of pediatric ophthalmologists and pediatric optometrists participating in clinical research on strabismus (wandering or crossed eye), ambylopia (lazy eye), and other eye disorders that affect children.

Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a cloudy area that occurs in the lens of the eye, causing a gradual loss of vision. Because cataracts are a normal part of aging, all men and women are at risk for them. In fact, about half of all Americans over age 60 have cataracts. Because Dr. Cheung performs hundreds of successful procedures per year, he brings exception skill to the process of cataract removal. He takes extreme care in assessing each patient and prides himself on his ability to achieve truly excellent results.

Cataract removal is a relatively simple outpatient procedure that Dr. Cheung performs using a gentle eye drop anesthetic –it requires no shots, no stitches and no hospital stay. Once the cataract is removed, Dr. Cheung implants a carefully selected state-of-the-art intraocular lens to restore your vision. As a result, even patients who have worn glasses most of their lives may no longer need them. Recovery time is minimal, and most patients resume their normal activities the very next day.

Strabismus Surgery

Dr. Cheung is a board-certified pediatric ophthalmologist who is expertly trained in strabismus surgery. He provides strabismus muscle surgery to children and adults.

Botox and Juvederm

The aging process not only affects your eyes but the skin around them as well. Fortunately, Dr. Cheung provides cosmetic solutions that can give you a more youthful, natural look. From eyelid surgery to nonsurgical treatment with Botox or Juvederm, the results you’ll experience will be second to none.


Glaucoma is a condition of increased fluid pressure within the eye which causes damage to the optic nerve and loss of peripheral vision. Our office is equipped with the latest technology for early accurate detection of glaucoma and our doctors will put a treatment plan in place immediately. We are there for you throughout the entire treatment process to ensure that you preserve as much as your vision as possible.

Retina Care

We provide primary eye care to patients with retinal conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and retinal detachment. We collaborate with the best specialists for these conditions to obtain the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Emergency Care

We recognize that problems with eye health can occur at anytime, day or night. Feel free to call us at 360-698-0600 or 206-842-8010 anytime with your eye health emergencies. In addition to fitting emergency patients into our regular schedule, either Dr. Cheung or Dr. Jones is on call outside of our office hours.