Telemedecine Eye Care during Coronavirus Pandemic

Telemedecine Eye Care during Coronavirus Pandemic

We know this is a scary time and we are here for you if you have an ocular emergency.  If you cannot travel to our office, for both new and established patients, we are offering tele-ophthalmology services to fill your needs.  We can only evaluate certain problems online.  Call our office to see if you qualify and we will provide you with an online appointment time.  We will require your insurance information, and a computer connection with a minimum 720 p resolution, as well as an email address.   The online platform is through Zoom which is secured and encrypted.  Smartphone screens tend to be too small, but if you have no other alternative, place the phone in landscape orientation.

Without the office microscopes, instruments and eye pressure checker, we will not be performing a complete eye examination online. Rather, we are trying to address your immediate eye problem need, begin a treatment plan if applicable and we will re-assess you in person when the COVID crisis has stabilized

Before we can schedule your online appointment, if you are a new patient, please fill out our registration forms and Health history forms which can be found here:

If you are a new or established patient, we will also need an image of your up-to date-insurance card.

We will also need you to measure your own or your child’s visual acuity before the actual online appointment. 

Detailed instructions can be found here

For an adult, here is an eye chart to be set at 10 feet from your eyes.

For a verbal and cooperative child, here is an eye chart to be set at 10 feet.

You can practice with your child with this sample E card

If you are unable to print or project the eye charts on a computer screen, you can download the Eye Handbook app on your smartphone to check near vision instead.  However, the above eye charts are preferable. 

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